Monstercat Launches new Podcast “Mixdown”

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Any conversation could technically be a podcast, right?
Or, to reach even further than that, any fun moment or interesting backstory could be considered great podcast material. In the music world, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes stories that lead up to the music that we listen to, the shows we attend, and the artists that we’ve come to know and love. Many times artists assume that these are just “you had to be there” moments. Are they really, though? If there’s anything podcasts have taught us, it’s that everyone loves to learn more about the everyday lives of others and the origin stories of the culture they consume. Everyone wants to know how their favourite breakup song came to be, or what an artist does right before they run on stage to perform.

So over at the Monstercat HQ, the team thought to themselves “why NOT have a super awesome podcast where we hang out with artists in a casual setting, get to know them better, ask them what their favourite colour is, and more?” Enter Mixdown.

Mix Down

Mixdown is the latest podcast series by Monstercat. Every month, artists join host Josh Eberhart - aka Rocketman, Mix Contest 2016 winner & Monstercat’s in-house audio engineer - to talk through their most iconic tunes, craziest tours, and the never-before-heard stories from the studio. Anything goes, really - and you’ve got a front-row seat.

Josh explains,
“It’s first and foremost a music-based show. I’m speaking with the artists one-on-one, digging into the depths of their artistry and revealing secrets behind-the-scenes… but you’re also going to hear the songs that shifted the paradigm and made these artists so special to the Monstercat community. It’s very, very personal. Almost like I’m sitting in a living room with these artists and the listeners.

These artists are our heroes, and we want to know what makes them tick. Why did they enter the music industry in the first place? What goes into the songwriting process? Who inspires them? It's music-related topics with an interactive feel.”

The first guests on the series are Pegboard Nerds, legends in the electronic music space and a Monstercat household name. Pegboard Nerds have been releasing with Monstercat since the very beginning, and have mastered different genres within the electronic music space since their debut on the label. From dubstep to electro house and beyond, they’ve been an integral part of not just Monstercat’s culture, but the culture of electronic music as a whole.

Pegboard Nerds commented on their upcoming track during the episode that’s reminiscent of a 2015 release:
“People are gonna hear when it [Multiverse] comes out, that it’s not even close to anything we’ve done before I think. Maybe a little bit, there might be a slight vibe of the “Pink Cloud” era. So it’s an instinct record, full-on vocal. But still fun and energetic. You can hear it’s Pegboard Nerds, even though there’s no obvious PBN lead blasting all the way through. It’s a fun one. It’s one of those that started with a sample and a loop, and it was just 8 bars of pure happiness.”

Who’s joining us next? You’ll have to follow us on Spotify to find out! The second episode of Mixdown will be out in early March. Join Mixdown each month for priceless moments with the artists that bring us the music we can’t live without.

Want to send in questions that will be answered on-air, or maybe get a shoutout in an upcoming episode? click this link here or email [email protected]!

You can check out the first episode of this series here: