Monstercat’s Code of Ethics

Monstercat takes great pride in our amazing community of artists, fans, and employees. Ensuring a safe and respectful environment for our community to come together and enjoy welcoming events together is of utmost importance to us.


The Monstercat Code of Ethics is founded on our four core values: Community, Curiosity, Integrity, and Tenacity. We believe that alignment with our values allows our partnerships with Artists to flourish; they guide the relationships we build and the positive experiences we create for our community. We expect all Artists to uphold our ethical and legal standards, be accountable for their actions, and maintain the integrity and reputation of Monstercat.


Relationships between Monstercat and Artists rely on collaboration and cooperation. We promote a culture of openness and respect. We do not condone behaviour that discriminates towards an individual or a group of people based on their race, skin colour, place of origin, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, age, or religious belief.


A curious mindset asks for consent and embraces learning. We value the boundaries of others and respect their agency, especially when a person says “no”, is unconscious, or is impaired due to drugs and/or alcohol.

As a label, we challenge structures that undermine our values and explore ways to create safer and more inclusive spaces. We offer learning opportunities for Artists to understand and enact our values.


We hold a tenacious commitment to our values and prioritize the safety, dignity, and agency of our community members. We do not tolerate violence of any form, including sexual, physical, and verbal harassment. We do not act with force, threat, intimidation, or retaliation toward another person.

At Monstercat, we take a stand for our beliefs and safety is our prime concern. We take pride in fostering a strong culture of support – as a label and as a community of creatives – and persevere to maintain safety and trust with whomever we partner with.

We commit to communicating with consistency, truthfulness, and respect. We take responsibility for the impact that our actions have on others and take the necessary steps to be accountable. We report unethical behaviour to ensure the wellbeing of our artists, fans, partners and staff.

As a label, this means making hard decisions. To honour our duty to uphold safety and to seek accountability, we investigate incidents of harm. We respect confidentiality throughout our internal processes and provide honesty in our decisions.


Any suspected violation of this Code, or any unethical behaviour encompassed by this Code, can be reported to [email protected]. We request that reports come directly from the injured party or a witness. Violations are taken seriously, and appropriate action will be taken. Monstercat has the right to terminate its relationship with any Artist that violates this Code of Ethics. If the allegations are of a felonious nature, the report should be made with local authorities. If there are any questions involving application of this Code, guidance should be sought from your A&R Rep or [email protected]