Lost Civilization

Long ago when the world was new and what we know had yet to manifest, three powerful forces protected balance.Together these forces living in harmony creating powerful rhythms that could be felt through all across the land. When in sync all sounds thrive, when divided, we are doomed to fall into the silence.

Chapter 1

Long ago when the world was new and Earth as we know it had not yet manifested, two powerful forces awoke below the sea: Instinct and Uncaged. In perfect balance, these forces gathered energy deep beneath the rolling ocean waves, a pulsing heartbeat below the surface. The energies continued to expand until the Earth itself was pushed apart. This tremendous force rose from the ocean, rumbling to the surface in the form of a massive volcano. Its draw pulled in the surrounding lands to create a singular island made up of four disparate parts.

Northern winds carried the volcano’s falling ash to fertilize a verdant and wild Jungle. In the South, volcanic rock crashed and tumbled, building a beautiful and dangerous Mountain range. Westward, the rumbling and shifting of the new land birthed a series of Canyons and waterfalls, the calls of wildlife echoing off its walls. And relentless, howling winds traveled East across the Island, drying the land into a vast desert that became home to only the most resilient of creatures. Across this vast Island, the dual forces of Instinct and Uncaged hummed in harmony.

Lost Civilization - Map

Eventually, human explorers were beckoned to the island by this mysterious hum as well. Through the music of the Island, barriers of language and origin melted away. Emotion and intent entangled together until a single language emerged, translated by the island itself, freeing the flow of information and new ideas. These travelers collaborated together on many projects, traversing each biome to celebrate the diverse cultures brought to and born from the Island. Monuments were built and songs were shared.

This spirit of community was the last piece needed for the island’s musical essence to take its final shape. From the bustle of activity, and positivity of communal sharing arose a distinct figure - enigmatic at first, but unmistakable in full-sight. It was the first incarnation of Monstercat.

Either a conduit for the mysterious forces of the Island, or a manifestation of the power, Monstercat seemed to have the ability to draw people together. As the guardian of this hidden Island, Monstercat had a sacred duty to protect the power of Instinct and Uncaged, and to invite those worthy of exploring its secrets. Eventually Monstercat became a legend, a guide for the humans. The spirit that pulled them to the island and encouraged them all to celebrate life together.

Time, however, continued its relentless march forward. These explorers eventually dispersed in pursuit of new lands and adventures. Each visitor would leave something of themselves back on the Island for those that were drawn in by the island’s music next. These first inhabitants spread the stories of the island, and of the mysterious cat, far and wide. And as they left, they also kept a piece of the island within themselves, along with a certainty that Monstercat would, at the very moment it was needed most, issue a call of the wild and lead a civilization anew.

All that was needed was for people to seek the island again…