WHIPPED CREAM is Back and Brighter Than Ever

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It’s WHIPPED CREAM’s time to shine.

The Toronto-born artist has experienced a constant upward trajectory since she first began immersing herself in electronic music. Her debut album ‘WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM?’ featured prominent collabs with the likes of Baby Goth, Lil Keed, and Finn Askew, and was met with praise for its genre fluidity and its balance of both upliftingly light and pensively dark themes. After a year-long break from releasing music, she’s teamed up with rising artist Jimorrow and Monstercat (that’s us!) to release her latest single and accompanying music video, “Light of Mine”.

“Given the last two years and everything, my own message that I want to spread to the world is what I've had to fight for the whole time. My whole life is about igniting that light and being true to myself, instead of listening to every other person that thinks that they know what's best for someone else.”

WHIPPED CREAM, otherwise known as Caroline Cecil, has always sought out ways to express herself through music. Prior to learning how to produce, WHIPPED CREAM was a professional figure skater training to one day be in the Olympics. But it turns out skating wasn’t the end-all for her. She was badly injured while training and had to take time off to heal, and by the time she hit the ice again, she didn’t feel the same about figure skating anymore. That light had dimmed.

It wasn’t until she attended a music festival that Caroline felt compelled to give her all to something new. After going to Sasquatch! Music Festival and falling love with the idea of making music, she started getting to work. Since then, she’s gone on to collaborate with notable artists such as Lil Xan, Mulatto, and LICK, she debuted her first album, and has toured all over the world - gracing the stage at Coachella and Lollapalooza’s 2020 LiveStream just to name a few stops.

Now, that light is once again shining bright for WHIPPED CREAM.

“The message that I really, really want to portray through this song is not necessarily to not listen to anyone. It's more like if you have an idea, or you love something, and you know that there's some kind of magic feeling you have when you're doing it, no one can tell you how to do it but you.”

“Light of Mine” captures the feeling of regaining confidence in yourself, and letting yourself shine. The music video is an extension of this message, but in 3D-animation! The concept behind the music video was a collaborative effort. Produced by INFAKTcreative and conceptualized by WHIPPED CREAM, the music video shows an animated version of WHIPPED CREAM defeating hordes of creepy, shadowy figures with blinding light. Their glowing eyes are the only light coming from the shadow people, meanwhile WHIPPED CREAM’s character is overflowing with brightness in the dark, dimly lit streets. The work that both WHIPPED CREAM and collaborating artist Jimorrow put into her vision sonically is perfectly captured in the animated adventure.

“They [INFAKTcreative] helped bring my concept to life with their own story, actually. I'm living my light, and it kind of spreads that seed around where everyone's starting to find their light. And I really liked it [the animation]. I've never done 3D work so this is new for me.”

Jimorrow was inspired by “Light of Mine” and discussed how he believed in the message, and wanted to be a part of it.

"When Caroline first reached out to me with the idea for “Light of Mine,” she told me it had potential to become a huge, empowering anthem, and I agreed. After six months of working on it, I am grateful I was able to help bring her vision to life. It has been such an enlightening experience making this record, so I'm hoping it can bring a little light to everyone that listens to it."

WHIPPED CREAM’s return to the creative process she loves the most - making music in her own way - has proven to be the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I'm truly listening to and hearing the music I'm making right now - to the point where now I just feel like I'm back to where I started - which is following what was inside the whole time.”

Catch WHIPPED CREAM’s future releases by following her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and by visiting her website. And if you want a blast from the past, check out what she’s previously whipped up with us here!