The Background of Bishu & 'BXU'

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Bishu has been a familiar face at Monstercat for years.

With a great sense of humour and a charming personality, his music reflects these traits with each release being noticeably different from one another while remaining incredibly catchy. It’s never a dull moment with Bishu, and his music is a testament to that!
Bishu’s journey with Monstercat began back in 2017 with his debut release “Bomb” featuring LeyeT. But his passion for music started long before joining forces with us.

“So I was actually in a band. I was like, 15 years old. I don't even know if you can call it a band when it's a group of friends. We were playing music, but I was always like, really ambitious for some reason to try and do music. And I was really young. But I always found [out] that people couldn't get organized and actually meet. So I wanted to see if I could do it on my own. And at the time, Skrillex was blowing up. I saw that. He just had all these crazy videos [of him] coming on stage and jumping around, he was just him being himself. And that was really shocking to me. That was pretty much why I was really into music. And then I thought I could do it myself, basically. And that was nice.”


Even though his boost of independence pushed his career in the right direction, Bishu’s latest releases with Monstercat - “Autumn Leaves” and “WYGD” were brought to life in a very collaborative way.

“So the story begins when I started streaming on Twitch, like around almost a year ago. And I would do some producing, I was basically just only sharing music. It’s still pretty much what I stream. So I'm producing music [on the stream] and then in the chat there would be suggestions. And initially as a producer you think, this is my music. And then suddenly, I started taking some of the suggestions. I was like wait, we could develop this into an idea. So I talked with my manager and we came up with this idea to be like a “show” on Twitch, where the chat basically produced everything. So I was just the vehicle in which they could proof the songs. And we pulled every major production decision. I obviously took some liberties to do little things like mixing and some minute details. “Autumn Leaves” was the first one we did. We wanted to do five, and we pitched that to Monstercat. It was like a fairy tale. They wanted them all.”

The creation of ‘BXU’, which is set to release April 11th, is the culmination of this community-centred music endeavor. The EP is a blend of several different stylistic components, thanks to the crowdsourced decision making, and manages to sound effortlessly curated and tuned to perfection.

Bishu - BXU EP

“It’s crazy looking back at when and how BXU started. I was really just working on a song on stream, and the idea hit me for it.”
Bishu’s ability to take any idea and turn it into a cohesive track is no small feat. He regularly creates content around “fake genres” - mixing and mashing pre-existing music genres into new and strange territory - and the results are always entertaining. One of his favourites?
“I really like medieval moombahton, because I was always into medieval stuff growing up.”

Bishu’s versatile approach to making music and ability to implement a consistent personal style at the same time has led to a fun, exciting discography that nods to his overall lightheartedness. As far as summing up all of his music as a whole in one song, “Behind Your Eyes” by Bishu & Juneau is a good place to start exploring his music.

“I would say actually, one that feels most “me” that I would like to like explore more that has my own vocals, is “Behind Your Eyes”. I thought that one was really cool. And I don't know, sometimes you cringe at your own music, but I didn’t cringe at all with that one. The original vocals and guitar was a cool combo.”

Bishu’s legacy at Monstercat is soon to grow even bigger with the release of ‘BXU’ - and more importantly, the artist’s approach to creating the EP is an indication that the sky’s the limit for Bishu. His passion for gaming, content creation, music, and streaming all shine through in his multi-faceted new music.

‘BXU’ is now available for pre-save and will be released April 11th. You can check out all of Bishu’s releases with Monstercat here!