Monstercat Uncaged: Origins

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Empowering a creative and passionate community through innovation

February 15, 2020 was a culmination of all the work that has gone into building Monstercat from the ground up. From day one to today, we can look back on nearly nine years of history and acknowledge that we’ve never forgotten what this is all about. Monstercat continues to be a community-driven vehicle that opens its doors to fans and artists who are ready to celebrate the power of music. When we bring these artists to our shows, we’re giving them a platform to showcase their creative ingenuity to a fanbase that will go wild for it.



An Audiovisual Experience

When it comes to entertainment, none of the other senses rank higher in importance than sight and sound. As ancient as mankind itself, sight gives meaning to the light that illuminates the colorful, picturesque world we see around us. The act of listening enables communication through an auditory language even when there is nothing to see. When paired, sight and sound can weave together wonderful and awe-inspiring stories. Last Saturday, we took advantage of both in an effort to tell a timeworn tale that we’ve been waiting to unveil!

We needed to go bigger than ever before to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished in the last decade, and we did just that. With the help of an unbelievable lineup, we recounted our age-old origin story whilst taking our viewers on the ride of a lifetime.


The Venue

Monstercat Uncaged: Origins took place at the Pacific National Exhibition Forum in Vancouver, BC. As a Vancouver-based organization, this was a can’t-miss opportunity to showcase our city to all of our amazing fans. Selling out two weeks ahead of the event, this was the biggest and most successful show we’ve ever put together.


Setting up the View

The sheer amount of work our team put in to set up this unprecedented event cannot be overstated. A handful of our own staff members as well as the production company arrived and started work at 8 AM. Rallying around the event, the artists, and the conceptual ideas surrounding the fan experience, everything was ready to rock by the time doors opened at 6pm!


The Atmosphere

It was clear right from the get-go that every attendee had been waiting on this day for quite some time. The excitement on their faces as they reached the front of the line was worth every second we spent in preparation for Monstercat Uncaged: Origins. The atmosphere in the room could only be described as electric. Absolutely electric.


A Worldwide Audience Thanks to VR

Imagine peering into a portal and seeing fans from around the world partying alongside you. That’s exactly what our Sansar LIVE WINDOW in the Call of the Wild VR Experience brought to the table. The audience watching at home were able to see all the action happening in Vancouver, and our hometown crowd could see people within the virtual realm who were enjoying their own DJ lineup. This is the type of interactive innovation that we will use to connect multiple realities in the future for game-changing experiences.

The Artists

We went all-out to stack our lineup with artists we knew would bring fans off their feet. Thanks to Seven Lions, Joyryde, Kill the Noise, Crankadat, RIOT & Going Quantum for bringing their energy to the first edition of Monstercat Origins!


The Experience

Imagine entering a new world, strangely familiar yet unexplored at the same time. Broken monuments mark the ground as a winding path leads you to an ancient gateway. Behind the behemoth doors lay a long-lost route… to Monstercat Uncaged: Origins!

Through custom-made visuals and an impressive voiceover, fans at the event were taken on an unforgettable journey. We traversed landscapes ranging from breathtaking to rugged, all the while our staggering skull served as a beacon for adventure.

One by one, each artist emerged and the power of their music unveiled new chapters to the narrative. It’s clear that the audience wasn’t alone in being awed by the sights and sounds, as the artists had a blast prowling our one-of-a-kind stage.

Through Uncaged, we’ve been able to introduce the world to some of its most explosive electronic music artists

Encouraging our artists to create the kind of elite-level work they know they can produce is what Monstercat Uncaged is all about. We want to see everyone, producer or not, coming out of their cage and freely expressing their interests. For fans, this can take the form of attending an event like Monstercat Uncaged: Origins! Follow your passions and do what you love to do to the fullest, because opportunity doesn’t often knock twice!

This community is the foundation upon which we are built, and without all of your support, an event like this wouldn’t be possible. We hope you enjoyed what we consider to be one of the defining moments in Monstercat history—but Monstercat Uncaged: Origins is just the beginning! This is just the start of what will surely be a monster of a decade and we’ll be making some big announcements very soon, so stay tuned!

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