More Monstercat Symbols Revealed!

· Lost Civ

Ancient symbols buried deep within the desert’s sand dunes have resurfaced

The Lost Civilization

Long ago, in an age forgotten by eternity, a great island was born, so abundant in wildlife and lush vegetation that it was considered a true paradise. Known for its lively and vibrant music, the island resonated with euphonious sounds and continuously drew the attention of curious outsiders. This picture of perfection became a beacon of life and music.


However, some time after civilization began to develop, the once welcoming utopia became cloaked in a dense fog and encircled by violent ocean waters. The enticing hum of the island’s music was entangled with the perception of danger. No one new dared approach it.

The Force of Instinct

According to legend, the Lost Civilization is bound by two governing forces, “Instinct” and “Uncaged.” Instinct reflects the collective imagination and cultural output of the island’s inhabitants – their art, their mythology, and their deep connection to the elements. Uncaged focuses on the tangible reality as it’s seen before us. The physicality of the island’s vast landscape.


The lost island is home to a multitude of regions, each defined by biome. At the center of every region exists an enormous monolith which speaks to one another on a frequency so powerful it might just lift the mystical fog enveloping the island...

Last year, we began our journey in the jungles of the Lost Civilization. Now, the adventure continues as we head down the great sand dunes of the island’s desert region. 

Marked by massive rock formations that have been weathered down over countless years, the sweltering sand sea is vast but barren. The land hums with the ethereal whispers of the Lost Civilization, its music guiding you towards the ancient monolith at its heart.


All throughout the island, different interpretations of an entity known as “Monstercat” can be observed depending on the immediate surroundings and needs. Water is among the main sources of life and coming across water is an event akin to a miracle in the desert region. Here, Monstercat manifests in an aquatic form, providing a miraculous oasis to revitalize any who would step foot onto the desert’s sands.

The Monstercat Oasis artwork features a sculpture of Monstercat in one of its many forms, within the oasis of its own creation. It is a reminder that, as Monstercat is present to guide and protect the Lost Civilization, it is the community around you that will be there to witness your journey through life. By selecting a piece of the Monstercat Instinct Vol. 5 collection, you are bringing home a piece of the Lost Civilization.

The Values of the Lost Civilization

Four ancient symbols are carved into the hearts and minds of the island’s inhabitants, each representing a foundational value of the Lost Civilization’s culture. 


The first recurring symbol depicts four individual nodes connected around a central interest point represented by a diamond; this symbol translates to “Community.” The inhabitants of the island celebrate life under a unified understanding of what it takes to survive together, as well as their collaborative role in each others’ lives. They encourage each other to be creative in both their problem-solving and artistic endeavours, and then to be transparent with each other about their findings.


The next symbol that appears resembles two sturdy columns holding strong. This one is the symbol for “Tenacity.” Willpower and determination are indispensable when circumstances demand complete cooperation and collaboration. This is exactly what is required on the island and the Lost Civilization demonstrates an unwavering willingness to succeed in pursuit of their goals. 


The third symbol depicts one’s core being guarded on all sides; this is the symbol for “Integrity.” From the break of day to the fall of the setting sun, the island’s people strive to be consistent in their actions towards everyone. Relationships within the Lost Civilization are built on integrity, and the people demonstrate this by exercising their trust and moral compass.


The fourth and final symbol translates to “Curiosity.” This symbol’s complex design folds in upon itself, inviting the curious viewer to inspect its construction closer. Those who cross the island’s regions do not do so without investigating the sights and sounds further. The prevailing mentality invites creativity, change, and innovation through curiosity. 

The Story Continues

A colossal structure emerges from the sands as you approach the desert region’s core, the skies overhead painting an awe-inspiring backdrop for its marvellous architecture. Great columns carved from the landscape’s materials reach upwards and the harmonious thrum that guided you here flows forth from its craters. As you reach the base, the monolith awakens with a radiant glow, illuminating an inscription engraved in the language of the island’s first people.

It reads “Uncaged.”