Monstercat Insider: New features for Monstercat Gold

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This month, we’re showing off some of the latest updates that have been made to the Monstercat Player, Monstercat Gold, and beyond! Consider this blog your how-to guide when navigating through all the awesome new stuff we’ve got going on!

The Monstercat Player

If you haven’t seen the Monstercat Player lately, it’s going to look pretty different; the interface has a whole new look! And while the aesthetics of the Player have been revamped, the functionality and navigation are still very similar. This means there won’t be any confusing surprises upon opening the Player next time (thank goodness, right?)

The most noteworthy Player update is that it is now a Progressive Web App, or PWA. In other words, the Monstercat Player can be installed as an app both on desktop and mobile!

When you head over to the Player, be sure to watch this video on how to install the Monstercat Player both on desktop and mobile:

But why is this cool? Well, for multiple reasons.

First, using the Player as an app will isolate it to a new window, not a browser tab. This means it will be much easier from now on to find where your music is playing, and it won’t involve sifting through a million tabs (we see you!). This makes it MUCH easier for streamers and content creators to find a shortcut to Monstercat music; no more interruption to your livestream while you dig through Chrome just to switch to a new song. The same goes for playing music via the Player on mobile.

Monstercat Player

This makes listening to music even more hands-free and easier while on the go! Plus, you can access tons of curated playlists that compile all the right songs that suit your mood - from energizing to chill and beyond. The newest playlist, Women in Dance, was launched just last month as well, so check it out!

Monstercat Gold Updates

Now is a great time to get started with Monstercat Gold if you haven’t already. We’ve got a few new features that will help you level up your livestreaming and Twitch chats!

Twitch say-song

One of our coolest new additions to Monstercat Gold is our Twitch Say-Song update. Drive up your engagement with our handy Monstercat bot, who will speak in the Twitch chat about which Monstercat songs you're playing in-stream. Our bot will tag anyone who asks and share the song title & artist so you don't have to! If you've got talkative viewers in the chat, this new feature will make it easy for both you and your fans to communicate when it comes to your song selections! Just head over to your settings in the Monstercat Player while logged in to your gold account, and enable the say-song feature.

Twitch say-song

Streaming Widget

Our new streaming widget is one of the coolest updates to all things Monstercat Gold! This tool for streamers and creators gives your content a more dynamic and polished look. Now it's available for EVERYONE with a Monstercat Gold account to use.

Monstercat Player

Level up the look of your livestream with just a few simple steps!
- Log into your Gold account and head over to the Monstercat Player.
- Open the preview URL, take the code, and add it to your OBS stream as a “new source”. This shows the track title, artist name, and artwork in a transparent widget in the corner of your video stream.
- The widget is private per user, so we auto-hide this URL. That way people won't be able to see your private link and leak it if you're on-stream. If this does happen, you can simply re-generate a new link.

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