Mix Contest Champions Discuss Their Journeys

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The seventh season of Monstercat’s Mix Contest had a big moment: Past Mix Contest winners graced the stage at Monstercat Compound in Vancouver this August! It was a real testament to how these talented DJs and producers making legendary mixes virtually can bring their energy to the live event space with ease. And that’s what the Mix Contest is all about - specifically seeking those Monstercat music aficionados that haven’t been placed on a lineup (yet!) but have the skills to do it.

Monstercat’s Mix Contest has been a beloved annual event since 2015. It’s an opportunity for music creatives within the Monstercat community to showcase their talents using Monstercat’s vast catalog of music. The contest takes place over a series of weeks as our chosen finalists compete in music-related challenges on our annual podcast called The Mix Contest! During each season, community listeners get to voice their opinion on who they believe best overcame the challenge and showcased their own unique style of mixing. But that’s not the only way the winner is determined. So how are they?!

Every contestant’s mix is judged by certain criteria, as well as from this season’s panel of experienced judges. You may recognize them, because they’re all past winners! 2021 campion Ethani along with 2018 champions Feathervane and Duality are helping both our community and Mix Contest host Rocketman determine 2022’s master of mixing. Mixing ability, the inclusion of the Monstercat brand, originality, creativity, and the risk they take with their submissions are all the different areas that the next mix champion will need to be impressive in.

Monstercat sat down and spoke to former champions Ethani, Duality, and OREONIC about the challenges and the benefits of entering a contest like this one, what they love the most about their individual journeys in mixing and entering the music world, and what advice they’d give to future contestants.

If there’s one thing Monstercat loves, it’s looking among our community for all of the different talents that everyone has. And the mix contest is just one awesome way to take something like DJing that’s typically done in front of a crowd, and bring that party directly to everyone’s homes for the Monstercat family to experience.

Voting is now OPEN for the seventh season of the Mix Contest! Have a listen to all of the mixes created by this year’s contestants and cast your vote.

And if you’re reading this and want to try your hand at mixing? We’ll see you next year :)