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Conro’s first full-length album, Level Days, is finally here!

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Conro is one of the most exciting acts to ever sign with Monstercat as a homegrown talent representing all of the positive potential for music. He is incredibly focused as a songwriter and consistent in his creative efforts, never taking anything for granted. At the same time, he always finds new ways to innovate and link together sounds that puts us all in a state of euphoria. In whisking us off to his world with his debut album, Level Days, Conro continues to endear himself to fans and inspire us like only he can.

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We’re commemorating Conro’s first LP in a special way!

We had something special in mind for this month’s interview with Conro. Two years ago, he joined us for an interview following his hit release “Take Me There”. Now, he’s back for seconds and we’re having some fun with it! Conro will be answering the same questions as he did during his first interview two years ago. Let’s see what has changed.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve played since your last Monstercat Blog Interview?

2020: “I think the coolest show since then was probably Tomorrowland last year when Shaquille O’Neal was in the crowd at the Monstercat stage. I had played Tomorrowland before, but last year’s crowd was way bigger than I was expecting! That plus Shaq in the crowd, I was just blown away.”

2018: “I think the China Tour with Grant, Slander and Vicetone was incredible. So many new fans, it was CRAZY fun. Such a good group of people, fans and venues.”

What is your favourite country or part of the world to play shows?

2020: “I love playing in Canada, especially Vancouver. It feels like an extension of home.”

2018: “I really love Amsterdam, I have some great friends out there as well, can't wait to go back.”

When you last spoke to the Blog, you were gaining momentum. Did that momentum lead you to move?

2020: “Honestly, my home is in Kelowna. But yes I did move from the farm to an apartment, ‘cause those turkeys—I couldn’t live in that situation forever! They were quite the distraction so now we’re in a proper place and I’ve got my studio and we’re pretty content where we are.”

2018: “Of course I would move if I had to, but I prefer living in the country haha. I like my space... and chickens. Vancouver is only a 30 min flight away and LA is only 2-hour flight... So easy to get there anytime.”

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What can fans expect to see from you this fall? 

2020: “I’ve been working so long and hard on this album that I’m going to probably focus on doing single releases. There’s nothing planned for the fall and, obviously, shows are on a bit of a hiatus. I’ve seen my musical direction and the process I’ve been through so far, now it’s time to step outside that realm and see what’s next.”

2018: “I have a number of singles slotted for the remainder of the year, with hopes of putting an EP together towards the end of summer, woohoo!!”

What does the Conro live experience look like? 

2020: “I’ve still been working on the idea of a live set up. I think it’s a little bit untold at the moment, with where we’re at, but I mean, ultimately, I’d love to do something like Odesza!”

2018: “It’s going to be a completely new experience, currently working on an all new live set up. Soooo cool.”

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What’s the best comment from a fan you’ve seen about one of your songs?

2020: “I recently just got one, and this means a lot to me. It was a girl who said ‘I’ve been going through a lot of hard times lately and listening to Conro’s music has been really getting me through and lifting my spirits up.’ Along the lines of that. That’s really great because that’s the whole reason I do what I do. Whether I’m writing about something that’s a little bit sad, I still try to make the music uplifting and there’s always hope and love and joy. It means a lot to see comments like that.”

2018: “I can't pinpoint one on my songs in particular... although I saw a fan at a show with a sign that said 'Conro is Love, Conro is Life, I want Conro to be my Wife' haha was my fave i've seen.”

What’s different about your new music?

2020: “Two years ago, I was just getting into the realm of changing and morphing into a more organic sound. Funky disco. What I’ve done now is just elaborated and been able to dive deeper into where the movement was headed, like where I was trying to get creatively. And now I feel like I’ve got the sound of alternative, dance, pop, a little indie-alternative. I think where it’s morphed to is more organic. I don't know exactly where it’s going to move to, but I know that I love live instruments, I love singing, I love all the organic elements that I’m bringing to it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to continue to use all this electronic beautiful joy of music!”

2018: “What is different about this new Conro stuff is [that] I'm doing all the vocals and adding a ton more live instruments to my productions.”

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Is there a new vibe that you’re going for?

2020: “I wouldn’t say there’s a new vibe. I’m just really trying to listen to myself when I’m writing. I want to make sure that I’m not like ‘this is my goal, and I’m going to get there.’ When I’m sitting down and I start bobbing my head, I know I’m onto something. So just following my gut, whether that means it’s a song at 150 BPM or it’s 100 BPM or it’s a little more electronic, a little more rock, a little more this or that, I just want to run with it and keep writing.”

2018: “The vibe I’m going for is something new, kinda disco, alternative, funk.”

What inspired your upcoming releases?

2020: “I think it’s all the past, present, and future situations and memories that I have been through since I started the journey of going into electronic music, and now it’s come full circle. Level Days is  a body encompassing ten years of memories.”

2018: “I have been really inspired to do something new, stretching my limits and creativity within my own original styles, but doing it in a new way.”

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Last time you spoke to the Blog, you talked about how your songwriting process starts with instrumentals (guitar/piano) and then you add lyrics. How do you come up with the concepts for your songs now?

2020: Pretty much the same as what I said in 2018. It’s pretty organic. I just sit down and I’ll choose an instrument. I typically start with piano or guitar but, even yesterday, I started working on a song that started with me singing this falsetto melody and then I just recorded it before I had anything else. It wasn’t even lyrics or anything, I just had a melody and it shaped into this song idea. 

2018 “All of my songs usually start with a piano or a guitar. I sit down and play out some cool melody. I tend to hum along melodies out loud and more than often some lyrics will just pop into my head, like something I was thinking about that somehow just comes out when I'm vulnerable.”

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Monstercat fans are pretty excited on our socials with your debut LP, Level Days, out soon! Is there anything you want to tell fans about your upcoming tracks, or do you want to keep some of the suspense?

2020: “I think we’ll keep a bit of suspense, but I think I’m just as excited as they are to show this body of work. I’ve put in so much time and energy into this album. I’m just like bubbling to let everybody hear it!”

Your new album heavily features your own vocals—do you think this is the only direction for your music going forward?

2020: Definitely not! I am more than happy and willing to work with other artists, vocalists—I have a duet in the album. I love working with other vocalists. It’s fun and it’s a good way to get out of the melodies that I write. Always open to it, although the direction for me is going to continue using my vocals for the main. But working with other people on their projects or this or that, I love working with other vocals. I’m always open to anything!

2018: “I just wanted to get back to what I did before I started making electronic music, which was singing and playing guitar. So now I'm just combining all of my musical past together to make something unique and completely my own.”

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Last time you spoke with the Blog, you said you wanted to create something new that wasn’t future bass. Did you accomplish that, and is there a new direction you would like to take starting where you are now?

2020: “I think I did accomplish that. I kinda stretched my legs and found a sound that I was just rockin’ out to. Dancing in the studio. I was so stoked on it! And I think it’s continually improved and, moving forward, the goal is to keep it organic. If my head starts bobbing, then I know I’m going in the right direction! You know, follow my ears and the mood and keepin’ it real!”

2018: “Ya, I'm just making music that tickles my ear drums now, haha. I have nothing against the genre, but just want to create something new .”

What’s next visually for your brand?

2020: “I’d like to use the visual aspect of my brand to show fans a bit more into who I am as an artist and a person.”

2018: “I can't say yet! a secret.” ;) 

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Anything else you want to mention to your Monstercat fans?

2020: “Obviously, and always, thank you! It’s hard to put it into words because a big part of why I’m doing what I’m doing is because of the Monstercat fans. I’m going to try my best to keep writing and getting better and doing as much as I can to write awesome music!” 

2018: “I just really want to thank all of you, I know everyone says this, but I have so much love for you guys, making my dreams come true. I will try my best to give you guys some freakin cool music.”

Hear all of Conro’s latest work for yourself in his new LP, Level Days!

We want to give a major shoutout to Conro for joining us today to catch us up on what’s changed for him in the last couple years. We also want to congratulate him on his first full album! His undeniable skill as a producer cannot be overstated, but it’s his heart for the community and desire to create works that have a positive effect on listeners’ lives that separate him as an artist. If you haven’t already, make sure to show Conro some love and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify!