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Conro is a Canadian DJ who isn’t afraid to delve into various genres of music, which always keeps his fans on their toes.

While Conro has accumulated a collection of hits over the years, he has always remained the same humble, hardworking guy that we’ve come to know. When he’s not at home with his chickens in Kelowna B.C. he is travelling worldwide doing shows, meeting his fans, and producing new music.

One of the artist’s recent Monstercat releases, “Take Me There,” came out in Februaury of this year and is now at #27 on the Billboard Dance Charts!

Last year was a whirlwind for the Canadian DJ as he performed at Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, and came on tour with Monstercat in China. Conro was a fantastic performer and friend to have join us for that experience.


We chatted with the multi-faceted artist this month to talk about this year’s experiences and what’s next for him, here are some words from Conro:

What was one of your most memorable shows this year?

“I think the China Tour with Grant, Slander and Vicetone was incredible. So many new fans, it was CRAZY fun. Such a good group of people, fans and venues.”

What’s your favorite country/part of the world to play in?

I really love Amsterdam, I have some great friends out there as well, can''t wait to go back.”

You’ve been steadily gaining momentum for a few years now, would that momentum lead to a move? We’ve all heard the story of you living on a chicken farm, do you ever see yourself moving to Vancouver, or maybe even to L.A.?

“Of course I would move if i had to, but I prefer living in the country haha. I like my space... and chickens. Vancouver is only a 30 min flight away and LA is only 2 hour flight... So easy to get there anytime.”

What can fans expect to see from you in the fall? More music?

“I have a number of singles slotted for the remainder of the year, with hopes of putting an EP together towards the end of summer, woohoo!!”

What does the Conro live experience look like? Where do you see that going?

[It’s] going to be a completely new experience, currently working on an all new live set up. Soooo cool.”


What’s the best comment from a fan you’ve seen about one of your songs?

“I can''t pinpoint one on my songs in particular... although I saw a fan at a show with a sign that said ''Conro is Love, Conro is Life, I want Conro to be my Wife'' haha was my fave i''ve seen.”

What’s different about your new music?

“What is different about this new Conro stuff is [that] I''m doing all the vocals and adding a ton more live instruments to my productions.”

Is there a new vibe that you’re going for?

“The vibe I’m going for is something new, kinda disco, alternative, funk.”

What inspired your upcoming releases?

“I have been really inspired to do something new, stretching my limits and creativity within my own original styles, but doing it in a new way.”

How do you come up with concepts for your songs? Is there a detailed backstory to all of them, or do you sometimes create them out of spontaneous inspirations?

“All of my songs usually start with a piano or a guitar. I sit down and play out some cool melody. I tend to hum along melodies out loud and more than often some lyrics will just pop into my head, like something I was thinking about that somehow just comes out when I''m vulnerable.”


Monstercat fans are pretty excited on our socials, they’ve been speculating about your new releases. Is there anything you want to tell fans about these upcoming tracks, or do you want to keep some of the suspense?

“I love the feedback on my latest stuff! All I have to say is that it''s only going to get better throughout the year! I’m so proud about this stuff, way different than the past. Have so much rad music to show you!”

The vocals on your new songs feature yourself singing a lot more than some of your previous releases, was there a specific reason as to why you started using your own vocals more?

“I just wanted to get back to what I did before I started making electronic music, which was singing and playing guitar. So now I''m just combining all of my musical past together to make something unique and completely my own.”

Are you slightly straying away from future bass for your upcoming tracks?

“Ya, I''m just making music that tickles my ear drums now, haha. I have nothing against the genre, but just want to create something new .”

What’s next visually for your brand?

“I can''t say yet! a secret.” ;)

Anything else you want to mention to your Monstercat fans?

“I just really want to thank all of you, I know everyone says this, but I have so much love for you guys, making my dreams come true. I will try my best to give you guys some freakin cool music.”


We can’t wait for all of Conro’s new music to be released! Monstercat encourages growth and innovation for our community, and that includes our artists, so we''re stoked about Conro’s amazingly bright future.