Earth Day 2022 at Monstercat

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Earth Day is an important time of the year for Monstercat - he is a cat, after all. So he obviously cares a lot about nature, and all of the other wildlife that he coexists with! The entire Monstercat team also loves to get involved in environmental initiatives. We’ve been celebrating Earth Day to the fullest extent recently and we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to, the organizations we’re in support of, and the volunteer work we’ve put in to show some love towards our planet!

Company-Wide Environmental Audit

Over the years, it has become clear that in order for Monstercat to achieve it’s environmental ambitions we must first develop a baseline of our own GHG emissions. Through our work with R&G Strategic we have dedicated this year to determining our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, and then developing a reduction strategy that is aligned with science based targets to adhere to the Paris Agreement of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. Once complete we look forward to sharing our progress with you year after year.

Music Declares Emergency

Music Declares Emergency is another amazing organization that calls on governments, institutions, and fellow music industry organizations to take action against climate change by speaking up and supporting each other. Monstercat has signed and joined the growing community of over 6000 artists, organizations, and music lovers working towards making our industry both sustainable and regenerative.

One way we’re re-inforcing our commitments is by using our radio shows as a platform for climate conversations. Once again, Earth Day has taken over Call of the Wild and transformed it into our annual Back to the Wild special! Each year we bring on-air expert guests from across industries to talk about the intersection of music and climate action. This year’s episode includes speakers from R&G Strategic,veritree, and youth climate movement Sustainabiliteens who have worked with Monstercat to help progress our environmental aspirations. Have a listen to this episode to hear what they had to say!!

Earth Day 2022

Monstercat Silk also unveiled a special Earth Day treat on April 20th during episode 643 of the Monstercat Silk Showcase - host Vintage & Morelli premiered a live set he played in Dubai in partnership with Thought for Food, a food & agriculture non profit focused on catalyzing climate solutions through our global food systems.

Monstercat Silk Showcase Earth Day 2022

Supporting Nature-Based Solutions

Another way Monstercat as a label is helping to give back directly to the planet is by working closely with veritree. veritree works with companies to offer verification on global restoration projects, such as the planting of mangrove trees and the restoration of coastal wetlands. Through their technology they verify Nature-Based Solutions to ensure traceability, permanence, and additionality. To date, Monstercat has committed to reducing its impact on the planet by planting 50,000 verified trees. Through this project we look forward to seeing the positive impact our efforts have on ecosystems, habitats, and local communities.

“The trees that Monstercat is planting will help drive the transformation to a low carbon and nature positive future” said Cindy Yiu, Director of Development at veritree. “We’re proud to partner with mission-driven companies that share our vision for a restorative world that gives more than it takes.”

Monstercat Earth Day Volunteers!

Many team members at Monstercat volunteered this year with local programs in Vancouver and Los Angeles to get their hands dirty and help make a difference! The Vancouver HQ were a part of DIRT (Dedicated Invasive Removal Team) run by Stanley Park Ecology Society on April 20 and will participate again on April 27.

Matthew Cornforth, COO at Monstercat noted “Volunteering with the Andy at the Stanley Park Ecology Society was a truly insightful experience learning more about environmental initiatives in our local parks in Vancouver. Furthermore, it was tremendously gratifying being with fellow team mates contributing our part to the environment in our local community.”

The Los Angeles team members volunteered with LA Compost to help make Griffith Park a more sustainable place that utilizes its own natural resources. Compost was layered, turned, watered, and sifted to provide composting for local farmer’s markets.

Earth Day 2022 - Monstercat Staff

Monstercat family, do you want to get involved in environmental programs or learn more about them? Check out the list of organizations we’re getting involved with below!


R&G Strategic
“As a purpose-driven agency that integrates sustainability and communications disciplines, R&G advocates for authenticity in how brands talk about their impact. No one wins—not our communities, our environment, or businesses—without approaching sustainable development with integrity. That starts by transparently sharing where you are, and where you’re headed, from your research to your impact, and engaging your community to find solutions together.”- Michelyn Dion, Director of Sustainability, R&G Strategic

Thought for Food
The world's next-gen innovation engine for impact. Thought For Food is a pioneer and leader in next-gen innovation and startup acceleration for food and agriculture.

Music Declares Emergency

Music Climate Pact
An organization that brings together some of music’s key players (the independent music community, major organizations, and more) to agree on reaching a common set of goals - to address climate change and limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

Science-Based Target Initative
the leading group of corporations that are setting a science-based target approved and verified by the Science-Based Target Initative that aligns with the Paris Agreement by 2030 and 2050 timeframes.