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Monstercat Silk

In 2019, just before the COVID-19 pandemic exploded, I had the great privilege to connect with Monstercat’s co-founders (Mike Darlington and Ari Paunonen). From our first meeting in Los Angeles, we immediately bonded over our two companies’ shared vision for artist sustainability and a passion for emotional, forward-thinking electronic music. Together we identified an opportunity for Silk Music to reach a much broader global community without having to compromise its musical vision.

And now, as Silk Music’s long-standing Label Director, I am overjoyed to announce the realization of this dream: welcome to Monstercat Silk.

Our mission is to deepen and diversify Monstercat’s musical offerings with a wider range of electronic subgenres, from chillout & downtempo to deep & progressive house. In this ambition, we are proud to have expanded our release schedule to 2 artist releases weekly, and to introduce some of the world’s best progressive house, downtempo, and chillout artists to the incredibly special Monstercat global community.

Our commitment to releasing emotional, intelligent electronic music will never waver. And we look forward to continuing the legacy of Monstercat Silk Showcase, our weekly podcast, and our 24/7 radio streams on YouTube, as opportunities for fans to continuously discover artists within the Monstercat Silk roster.

To say that I am honored to share our music with a larger community of global fans would be an extreme understatement. We absolutely can’t wait for you to discover the many surprises we have in store in the months ahead. Stay tuned. :)

Jacob Henry
Label Director, Monstercat Silk

Inspired by the therapeutic power of music, Monstercat Silk’s mission is to share the most emotional, intelligent, and visionary electronic tracks. With a focus on infusing “Emotions Into Sound,” we release new music each week from a diverse range of electronic subgenres, including progressive house, deep house, trance, and chillout.

New Releases

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Our three curated 24/7 live streams provide a unique, seamless listening experience, ranging from chill and relaxing to uplifting and euphoric sounds.

Features deep & melodic house music for relaxing and chilling, especially at night.

Deep House Radio

Provides an uptempo soundtrack to increase energy and focus throughout the day.

Progressive House Radio

Offers a tranquil and therapeutic soundtrack for meditation, relaxation, and study.

Chillout Radio
Monstercat Silk Showcase

Monstercat Silk Showcase

Monstercat Silk Showcase is our weekly radio show & podcast, featuring emotive and intelligent house, progressive, trance, & chillout. Label Director Jacob Henry and residents Tom Fall, Jayeson Andel, Terry Da Libra, Vintage & Morelli, A.M.R, and Sundriver co-host the show. We invite you to experience each new episode of our show every Wednesday at 2pm PT, starting February 17, 2021.

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Check out our Spotify playlists for more music that transcends everyday life for all experiences and moods.

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